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DRVAR, June 19 /SRNA/ - His Eminence Bishop Sergije of Bihać-Petrovac and Rmanj says Montenegro’s past is a Serb historical textbook, pride and signpost, while today's Montenegro is one of the darkest pages of freedom-loving history and the history of St Sava and martyrs.


"Let us not allow this page to obscure the centuries of pride and glory, faith and sacrifice. Each of us, in the love of God, is obliged to help our misguided brothers understand that by persecuting the Serbian Orthodox Church, they are actually persecuting themselves, judging their ancestors and depriving their descendants of the past, which they should have been proud of," said Bishop Sergije.

Bishop Sergije said that the Pentecost/Whitsunday Assembly held recently in Podgorica, was one of the cries of the Serbian Orthodox Church and the people, the Metropolitan and the Bishop, but the clergy, monks and faithful people too, to end the evil with the truth, to halt the avalanche of hatred with love.

"Therefore, no Serb in Montenegro, no matter how difficult it is today, must feel lonely, humble and humiliated, because the entire Serbhood, although fragmented with artificial boundaries, is together in the same desire - to preserve peace, sacred places which guarded us, wherever they are," said Bishop Sergije.

He points out that, as long as a single Serb in Kosovo and Metohia suffers, or in Montenegro nowadays, no other Serb, wherever he/she is, has right to feel happy.

"May Lord help resurrect brotherly love in the Serbs’ Sparta-Montenegro, to again reunite long lost brothers in order to make them return to themselves and their roots, and we shall welcome them with brotherly love, with the same flame as the father welcomed his lascivious son. Otherwise, the old saying will come true: "He who does not want a brother for brother, wants a stranger for master!” said the bishop of Bihać-Petrovac.

He points out that the suffering has determined the historical fate of the Serbs who, by scarifying, showed themselves and others and are still showing that "earthly kingdom is a short-time kingdom, while heavenly kingdom is for always and forever," the Bihać-Petrovac and Rmanj Diocese announced.

"Every day is a struggle for sheer existence, to stay here to be here, to inherit the heritage of our ancestors. Therefore, Kosovo is so important to us, to awake us and make us awaken from the deep sleep of today's conformism, where it is more important to have than be, where it is more important to enjoy rather than to live, where it is more acceptable to spend than to create," says Bishop Sergije.

He believes that Montenegro, once a land of glorious Petrovićs, saints and heroes, has become a new Kosovo, a state that would cancel and eradicate Serbhood from the soil from which it originated.

"All of us, who carry Montenegro in the heart, all of us who daily pray with our lips and hearts for the help of the Miracle Worker of Ostrog – Saint Basil/Vasilije, suffer and fear, praying to the All Mighty Lord, not to shed any drop of fraternal blood and to avoid hatred among them, to make love return among the descendants of the same ancestors who defended Montenegro from the Turks, preserving their sacred places, churches and cemeteries, even when the battle seemed lost before it actually ended," said the bishop of Bihać-Petrovac.

Montenegrin President Milo Djukanović has accused the Serbian Orthodox Church of trying to preserve the infrastructure of greater Serbia and hinder the European path of Montenegro, announcing the restitution of the Montenegrin Orthodox Church.

On Saturday, June 15, the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral organised the Whitsunday Assembly outside the Church of Christ Resurrection in Podgorica with the aim of sending a clear message in the joint prayer of Orthodox believers that the only true path is the path of God-loving and brotherly love.

The Assembly was organised to protest against the proposed law on freedom of religion, which specifies the seizure of property, i.e. the churches belonging to the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro. /end/vos