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SARAJEVO, June 25 /SRNA/ - The Chairman of the Serb Caucus in the BiH House of Representatives, Nenad Stevandić, says that the SDA and the DF have been trying for eight months to block the formation of the BiH Council of Ministers in keeping with the election results, adding that Srpska will not allow it.


Regarding illegitimate calling of a session of the BiH House of Peoples and continuation of the session of the BiH House of Representatives, Stevandić says that this is the continuation of violations of the rules of procedure and constitutional norms, since the formation of a commission tasked with electing a chairman of the Council of Minister is being skipped, says the United Srpska Party, whose leader Stevandić is.

Stevandić says that after Bosniaks elected the Croat suitable to them for a member of the BiH Presidency, who is not the legitimate choice of the Croat people, Srpska will not allow this to happen with the chairman of the Council of Ministers where Bosniaks are trying to elect a Serb suitable to them, outside the will of the Serb people and Republika Srpska.

Stevandić emphases it is particularly dangerous that SDA leader Bakir Izetbegović and DF leader Željko Komšić are seeking the support from the IC, particularly of the Big Four countries and the OHR, as this is anti-European, anti-civilization and non-democratic attempt to mock the election results, i.e. this is a call to Europe to introduce Sheriah rules for the Balkans.

"The sooner Bakir Izetbegović and Željko Komšić understand, including other politicians and parties from the Federation of BiH who deny the rights of the Serb people and Republika Srpska to legitimate representation, BiH will sooner get out of the crisis," says Stevandić.

Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH Borjana Krišto called for the continuation of the second emergency session of this House on Wednesday, with the situation in judicial institutions of BiH, with a focus on obligations from European Commission’s recommendations, on the agenda.

The urgent session was adjourned on June 14 due to the lack of Republika Srpska PMs to adopt the agenda that was sent to the Advisory Board for harmonisation.

The urgent session was requested by 14 deputies of the SDP, SBB, Our Party, SDS, PDP, A-SDA, PDA and Independent Bloc. /end/vos