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SRNA News Roundup /III/ - July 12, 2019




SREBRENICA, July 12 /SRNA/ - A memorial service was held at Zalazje outside Srebrenica on Friday near the memorial ossuary honouring the people killed in the two past wars. Candles were lit there in memory of the 69 Serbs killed in 1992 today and flowers were laid to the memorial marking the 27th anniversary of the big Serb suffering in Srebrenica.

TREBINJE, July 12 /SRNA/ - BiH Presidency Chairman Milorad Dodik stated in a meeting with Mayor of Trebinje Mirko Ćurić that he as well as Republika Srpska will support all future projects in the city and announced a reconstruction of the general hospital there.

BANJALUKA, July 12 /SRNA/ - Minister of Internal Affairs of Republika Srpska Dragan Lukač and Head of the OSCE Mission to BiH Bruce Berton met in Banjaluka on Friday to discuss the security situation in Republika Srpska and BiH, and the need for a more efficient exchange of information between law enforcement and security agencies in the country in order to prevent security threats.

BANJALUKA, July 12 /SRNA/ - Minister of Justice Anton Kasipović says he wants to encourage people who wish to report corruption and expects a full affirmation of the law that aims to protect such people.

BANJALUKA, July 12 /SRNA/ - Nedeljko Mitrović, head of the Srpska Association of Families of the Captured, Fallen Veterans and Missing Civilians, says the OHR’s conditions for its presence at commemorations for Serb victims are unacceptable and that they should accept the fact that Serbs were victims of an aggression in the former Yugoslavia.

BANJALUKA, July 12 /SRNA/ - The OHR setting requirements for its officials to attend commemorations for Serb victims in Podrinje is yet another proof it is high time the OHR left the BiH’s political stage, Milovan Milutinović, the head of the Organisation of the Army of Republika Srpska Commanders, told Srna.

SARAJEVO, July 12 /SRNA/ - Dušanka Majkić, a Serb delegate in the House of Peoples of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Parliamentary Assembly, qualified as absolutely unreasonable and inexplicable a stance by High Representative Valentin Inzko refusing to attend commemorations for Serb victims until people stopped negating an alleged genocide in Srebrenica and speaking against BiH.

TREBINJE, July 12 /SRNA/ - A memorial service will be held in the memorial chapel of St Prince Lazar in the former barracks in Trebinje on Saturday for 266 killed soldiers of the Army of Republika Srpska Trebinje Brigade, whereupon flowers will be laid in the memorial room there.

PRIJEDOR, July 12 /SRNA/ - Mayor of Prijedor Milenko Đaković opened a 500m section of a paved road Gornja Marićka-Stojnići for traffic on Friday, for which the city allocated around BAM52,000 from its budget.

BANJALUKA, July 12 /SRNA/ - The District Court in Banjaluka on Friday published a judgement finding the accused Marko Čolić /32/ guilty of attempted murder of BN TV reporter Vladimir Kovačević and sentencing him to four years in prison.


SARAJEVO, July 12 /SRNA/ - US Ambassador Eric Nelson and commander of the Border Police Unit Zvornik Mirel Imamović discussed the situation about illegal migrants and measures taken to prevent illegal migration on Friday.

SARAJEVO, July 12 /SRNA/ - The British magazine Euromoney conferred Raiffeisen Bank BiH an award for excellence in 2019.

BRČKO, July 12 /SRNA/ - A 18.86 km ring road around the city of Brčko worth more than EUR27 million was temporarily opened for traffic on Friday.


KONJIC, July 12 /SRNA/ - Milorad Dodik, the Chairman and Serb member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency, stated Friday there can be no excuse for the criminals who “stained their hands with children’s blood” and that the crime against the Golubović family, the boys Petar and Pavle who were killed together with their parents in Konjic in 1992, must not be forgotten.

KONJIC, July 12 /SRNA/ - Mirjana Golubović, an aunt of the boys Petar and Pavle Golubović, who were killed together with their parents in Konjic in 1992, says she still finds it hard to remember her loved ones who were killed in a crime and that she uses every opportunity to visit their graves.

KONJIC, July 12 /SRNA/ - His Grace Dimtirije, Bishop of Zahumlje-Herzegovina and the Littoral, said on Friday after the consecration of the reconstructed Church of Holy Apostles Peter and Paul in the Konjic village of Borci, that today good defeated evil and that God is revealed to those with a pure heart.


BELGRADE, July 12 /SRNA/ - Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić says Serbia does not deny that genocide was committed in Srebrenica but that Serbs cannot be blamed for genocide.


BELGRADE, July 12 /SRNA/ - General Ratko Mladić has been brought back to the Detention Unit in Scheveningen, his son Darko Mladić told Srna.

BELGRADE, July 12 /SRNA/ - Earthly remains of brothers Ilija Kordić /57/ and Stojan Kordić /53/, handicapped Serbs who were killed by Croatian troops and thrown into a well, their hands tied, in their home village during the Croatian Operation Storm in August 1995, were buried on Friday in Rudopolje near Vrhovina in the Lika region, reports Centre Veritas. /end/dš