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SARAJEVO, August 20 /SRNA/ - Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik said on Tuesday that Republika Srpska would not accept the building of any migrant centers in its territory.


Dodik told reporters in Sarajevo that a meeting with representatives of Bosanski Petrovac and the federal municipalities of Drvar, Glamoč and Bosansko Grahovo dedicated to the migrant crisis would be held on Wednesday in Banjaluka.

“I have an obligation to listen to these people, Serbs from the Federation who have certain fears. The area which was proposed for building migrant housing facilities is the territory that entirely belonged to Serbs, almost 100%. People have certain fears and do not want their property to be jeopardized,” Dodik said.

Dodik has said that the Serbian people are deprived of representation in the FBiH and that certain measures will be proposed in this regard.

“It is clear that our party will propose politics which will be discussed in Republika Srpska's relevant bodies – the Government and Parliament,” Dodik said.

The Bosanski Petrovac Municipal Council adopted on Saturday, August 17, a resolution asking the Una-Sana Canton Government to give up a proposal to establish a migrant center in Medeno Polje, saying that, otherwise, citizens will block the main road towards Bihać. They even expressed readiness to leave their town and head to the EU.

Dodik has said he is opposed to the decision of the Livno Canton HDZ which is trying to organize a celebration of the alleged liberation of Drvar and announced that he will be there on the day the celebration is scheduled.

“I am ready to be with those who will physically prevent anyone from coming to Drvar to mark that day,” Dodik said.

The Livno Canton HDZ BiH has adopted an initiative on marking the 24th anniversary of “the liberation of Bosansko Grahovo, Glamoč and Drvar,” which is scheduled for September 13 in Drvar. /end/sg