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SRNA News Roundup /IV/ - August 21, 2019




DERVENTA, August 21 /SRNA/ - Minister of Economy and Entrepreneurship of Republika Srpska Vjekoslav Petričević says Derventa is a good example of a successful municipality and the way authorities treat foreign investors.

BIJELJINA, August 21 /SRNA/ - Minister of Energy and Mining Petar Đokić stated Wednesday that the policy of the Government and authorities in Republika Srpska is to raise wages.

BIJELJINA, August 21 /SRNA/ - A counselling of Orthodox Theology teachers was held in Bijeljina on Wednesday where 130 participants from the Diocese of Zvornik and Tuzla had a chance to hear eminent lecturers from the University in Banjaluka talk about contemporary challenges in raising youth and population training, which is part of a demographic revival project in Republika Srpska.

ROGATICA, August 21 /SRNA/ - An agreement on building a green area on the Liberators Square in Rogatica worth BAM132,137 was signed on Wednesday.

BILEĆA, August 21 /SRNA/ - A small fire is active between the Bileća villages of Njeganovići and Podgorje; it does not pose a threat to houses or ancillary buildings, commander of the local fire-fighting unit Radomir Radmilović told Srna.

PALE, August 21 /SRNA/ - A sculpture of the most famous Serbian guerrilla fighter Starina Novak was installed in Pale on Wednesday. It was built by the Japanese sculptor Kota Sakai during the 17th Art Symposium Jahorina.

DOBOJ, August 21 /SRNA/ - Handballers of Tatran Presov from Slovakia defeated the French Chartres in the first match of the second competition day of the 51st International Handball TV Tournament of Champions Doboj 2019.


BANJALUKA, August 21 /SRNA/ - Serb member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency Milorad Dodik says there should be no calculations about the formation of authorities at the BiH level, that the agreement signed by the three political leaders says it all clearly and that he will not agree to any kind of compromise about the matter.

BRUSSELS, August 21 /SRNA/ - European Commissioner for Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations Johannes Hahn stated that SNSD, HDZ and SDA leaders Milorad Dodik, Dragan Čović and Bakir Izetbegović must honour the agreement on the formation of authorities in BiH they signed on August 5.


PODGORICA, August 21 /SRNA/ - Tanja Stupar Trifunović from Banjaluka is the winner of this year’s Risto Ratković Award for her book of poetry "Razmnožavanje domaćih životinja," the jury decided unanimously.


HELSINKI, August 21 /Reuters/ - Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that the United States was now in a position to deploy a new land-based cruise missile in Romania and Poland, a scenario he considered a threat that Moscow would need to respond to. /end/dš