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SARAJEVO, OCTOBER 15 /SRNA/ - The Council of Ministers in a caretaking capacity has adopted an action plan for the implementation of priorities from the European Commission’s Report, which is an integral part of the Commission’s Opinion on BiH’s request for membership in the EU.


It is a comprehensive planning document containing 729 measures for the implementation of 115 priorities, said the Council of Ministers in a caretaking capacity in a statement issued after today’s telephone session.

The European Commission's Analytical Report identified 115 priorities as part of political and economic criteria and 33 negotiation chapters on which BiH institutions should expedite work which the Commission will estimate in the next enlargement package in the spring of 2020.

Two hundred and thirty-three institutions from all levels of authorities in BiH took part in the planning.

Of the 729 measures, 331 will be implemented by BiH institutions, 88 of which are joint measures, 204 are measures planned for the level of the FBiH, 93 of which are joint measures, 205 measures are planned for Republika Srpska institutions, 86 of which are joint measures, 118 measures are planned for institutions of Brčko District, 61 of which are joint measures, 132 measures are planned for Canton institutions, 29 of which are joint measures.

It was agreed that additional measures should be defined for 17 priorities, of which working groups for European integration in the coordination system are in charge, says a press release. /end/sg