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BANJALUKA, DECEMBER 6 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska Internal Affairs Minister Dragan Lukač said today that soldiers returning from foreign battlefields, about whom there is information that they were members of terrorist organizations, should be arrested immediately upon returning to BiH and prosecuted.


Lukač has said that a certain number of persons should arrive today in BiH and that others could arrive in the next few days.

“When they arrive in BiH, we will know who are they and how to treat them. We got the names of all who should arrive in BiH and we will see who in fact will arrive. People who were members of terrorist organizations, and at the moment we have nine names, are a threat to BiH and they must be put under control, that is, arrested, the moment they arrive and must be prosecuted for everything they were doing in Syria, Iraq or some other countries,” Lukač told reporters in Zalužani outside Banjaluka.

He expressed the hope that the Court and Prosecutor’s Office of BiH will pronounce adequate measures and will not act like until now when some received small punishments of one year in prison which they could even buy for the money.

“Such people, who are about to return to BiH, must be subject of control of all security and police institutions in BiH so that we could keep them under control as we cannot expect anything good from them. These are people who left the country to wage war out of ideological reasons and they certainly committed crimes there which should be proved so that they could answer for that which they were doing,” said Lukač. /end/sg