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TREBINJE, JANUARY 27 /SRNA/ - Director-General of the “Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske” Company Luka Petrović has said that a rulebook on stimulating severance pays and economic and social care for employees in electricity distribution companies will be applied equally in all five electricity distribution companies, and severance pays will amount from BAM 22,000 to BAM 50,800.


Petrović has said that a call for stimulating severance pays will be made on January 31 and that the length of service will be the main criteria.

“In keeping with the BiH Reform Agenda and decisions of the Republika Srpska Government of 2017, it was decided to restructure electricity distribution companies of `Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske` and a number of significant steps have been taken in this regard - a consultant has been chosen, the Embassy of Great Britain donated funds for the implementation of a procedure and fees for consultants. All important people from these companies are involved in this,” Petrović told reporters.

He has said that it was concluded that there is a surplus of employees in electricity distribution companies and that this is one of the hardest measures.

“Electricity distribution companies will in the future be well organized and they will be exclusively technical companies,” said Petrović.

He has added that criteria have been harmonized with unions and that they were adopted and signed on January 24.

“Criteria pertain exclusively to the years of service spent in the energy system of Republika Srpska or BiH, for those who worked before the war,” he said.

He says that minimum severance pay will be BAM 22,000 and the maximum one will be BAM 50,800, which can be increased if a war veteran or a civilian disabled worker report for it.

Petrović has said that “Elektroprivreda” wants all this to be done in agreement and that surplus workers certainly have already been recognized.

“Electricity distribution companies will in the future live off of its electricity distribution fees which will be regulated by the Regulatory Energy Agency,” Petrović said.

The “Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske” together with electricity distribution companies provided for around BAM 27 million which will be paid in two parts - the first part immediately after the signing of a mutually agreed employment contract termination and the second part 60 days after the signing.

Petrović has said that new job classifications will be put up in the coming days on notice boards in electricity distribution companies. /end/sg