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SARAJEVO, FEBRUARY 19 /SRNA/ - SNSD president Milorad Dodik has said that the SNSD Caucus in the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly, together with Caucuses of other Serb parties and House members from the HDZ BiH, will propose, a day after tomorrow at the latest, a bill on termination of office of foreign judges and appointment of domestic judges to the Constitutional Court of BiH.


“The proposal is agreed and will be submitted. We want to resolve these issues within procedures. The crisis regarding decision-making can end only if the Constitutional Court voids its decision and if foreign judges are removed from it. Otherwise, it won’t be possible to make any decision in any BiH body – the Presidency, the Council of Ministers, the House of Representatives and the House of Peoples,” Dodik told reporters in Sarajevo.

He has said that a meeting will be held tomorrow in East Sarajevo where Serb representatives in joint BiH bodies will decide if they will suspend decision-making at a lower level, level of acts, decisions, and other issues.

“No one should doubt the seriousness of the moment. Serbs and Republika Srpska have been humiliated for quite some time in BiH. This is a matter of principles, and we urge for dialogue. We proposed a bill to the House of Representatives as we want to resolve this issue within procedures. But we will not accept anyone to reject resolving this issue,” Dodik said.

He has said that the joint decision making was taken into account in the proposal as it stipulates that Presidency members will elect three judges.

“We did not usurp anything, we are bringing things in order,” Dodik said.

He has added that those who do not want to resolve this issue or do not have any other proposal other than for foreigners to remain in the Constitutional Court of BiH are terribly wrong if they think they will preserve BiH, saying that not a single decision will be made in BiH bodies until this issue is resolved.

“I attended a meeting today and will attend every meeting. All our people will be at sessions of the House of Representatives, House of Peoples, but not a single decision will be made. Not even a decision to extend provisional financing in BiH. If some want chaos, they will have it,” Dodik said.

He has added that Srpska does not want it, that it only wants to see constitutional rights respected, and that the Constitutional Court lost credibility by its illegitimate decision-making and by violating rights of a constituent people, which is why its decisions will not be respected any more.

Dodik has added that Republika Srpska will not accept the persecution of its representatives because of the failure to implement decisions of the Constitutional Court.

“If you do it against me, I will not undertake any measures, but if you do it against anyone from Republika Srpska, other than me, Srpska will undertake its measures and you will see how the BiH Court and Prosecutor’s Office will work,” Dodik said and added that he was proud of the fact that both the government and the opposition were aware of their political and patriotic responsibility.

He has reiterated that he is not against BiH as stipulated by the Constitution.

“I urge for dialogue. Our proposal should be included in a parliamentary procedure and a session should be called. I call on Bosniak representatives to accept our proposal or to modify it in an acceptable way and thus demonstrate that BiH can decide on its own on matters such as the constitutional law,” Dodik said.

When asked to comment on a statement from FBiH Prime Minister Fadil Novalić that this entity will never take part in defining an inter-entity boundary line, Dodik has said that an agreement on a future of BiH is needed and that accepting as a must something that some think should be accepted is out of the question.

“We will either agree or we will not agree on anything and then BiH will not exist anymore,” Dodik said. /end/sg