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SARAJEVO, FEBRUARY 19 /SRNA/ - Serb BiH Presidency member Milorad Dodik expressed regret that his constructive meeting with US Ambassador to BiH Eric Nelson turned into a threat, stressing that the US administration will not be able to stop the defense of interests of Republika Srpska.


“I had good talks this evening with the US ambassador. There were some things and I see them as a threat. I cannot believe they are engaging in something like that. BiH belongs to us, not to him, so he should not threaten in defense of it,” Dodik told reporters in Sarajevo.

The Serb BiH Presidency member says that Ambassador Nelson is wrong if he thinks that he can use threats.

“Republika Srpska has red lines, just like they say they have. I told him that our politics is modest but proud and that we will not drop basic principles regardless of how the US is large and regardless of threats. I am sorry he did it,” Dodik said.

The Republika Srpska member of the Presidency says that the US administration has already imposed some sanctions, but that it will not be able to stop the defense of Srpska’s interests, regardless of, he says, them being in love with BiH.

“We had a constructive meeting and I thought it would resume that way. But now when threats were uttered, this is something else,” Dodik said.

Regarding a joint statement from the Steering Board of the Peace Implementation Council, which was not supported by the Russian Federation, Dodik has reiterated that this amounts to meddling in internal affairs of BiH.

“This amounts to typical meddling in internal affairs. Why do they care for political processes, what do they have with them and who gave them the mandate to do it? They usurped the mandate and are intruders in this country,” Dodik said.

He says that the PIC is trying to impose itself as some factor, even though they are outside the system and have nothing to do with the political system of BiH, the Dayton Agreement.

"They are not in the Dayton Agreement, so I did not read their statements and I am not interested in it,” Dodik said.

The Steering Board of the Peace Implementation Council /PIC SB/ reiterated its full support for the work of the BiH Constitutional Court and all its judges, says a statement from the PIC Steering Board which was not supported by the Russian Federation. /end/sg