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BELGRADE, APRIL 9 /SRNA/ - On the occasion of the 21st anniversary of the Battle of Košare, supreme commander of the Serbian Army Aleksandar Vučić today decorated Lt.-Col. Dragutin Dimčevski with the Order of the White Eagle with Swords, second class, for personal bravery and command of the 53rd border battalion of the Yugoslav Army in 1998 and 1999, says the Serbian President’s Press Service.


On Good Friday, April 9, 1999, members of the terrorist KLA, helped by the Albanian Army and NATO aviation, crossed the state border in the area of the Košare outpost and attacked units of the Yugoslav Army to cut off road communication between Đakovica and Prizren and take the most of Metohija.

The border battalion, which was commanded by Dimčevski, was the first Yugoslav Army unit that found itself under the enemy’s attack and which heroically resisted their attacks.

In addition to this battalion, the 125th motorized brigade, the 63rd parachute brigade, part of the 72nd special brigade, military police, part of the 549th motorized brigade, parts of the Priština Corps, reserve soldiers and Russian volunteers took part in the battle.

The Battle of Košare lasted until the end of the NATO aggression against FR Yugoslavia, June 10, 1999. One hundred and eight soldiers of the Yugoslav Army were killed in the defense of the homeland.

The KLA lost more than 200 of its members, and five tanks of the Albanian Army were destroyed. /end/sg