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The Chairman of the Council of Ministers expressed the expectation that a joint program will be created at the level of BiH with which will act towards international financial institutions and launch an investment cycle in BiH ... The biggest surprise in the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly is that SDS and PDP are always on the side of Sarajevo`s politicians when voting against the position of Republika Srpska.


Interviewed by: Snježana LEPIR

BANJA LUKA, MAY 23 /SRNA/ - The Chairman of the Council of Ministers Zoran Tegeltija pointed out in an interview with SRNA that it is necessary to transfer the funds of the International Monetary Fund /IMF/ to Republika Srpska, the Federation of BiH and Brčko District as soon as possible because from April 23, when the funds were paid into the account of the Central Bank, interest-bearing liabilities are coming, and they have not even received the money yet.

He said that the arrangement with the IMF essentially consists of two parts, political and technical.

"The political part means first defining the terms of the arrangement with the IMF, the amount of the loan defined /330 million euros/, then financial terms arrangement, repayment period, grace period, interest amount and the issue of distribution of funds between the entities and Brčko District. We completed that political part of the arrangement on April 11", Tegeltija reminded.

According to him, the technical part meant that the IMF pays the funds to BiH, the entities and the Brčko District, and that the Central Bank, which is currently only a fiscal agent, transfers those funds to the owners on the basis of instructions and memorandum.

"We are in the technical part of this arrangement at the very end, when it is only necessary that the Central Bank to transfer funds to the accounts of the entities and the Brčko District. Unfortunately, someone wants to present this as a political or even national issue", Tegeltija explained.

Speaking about the budget of BiH, whose adoption is expected next week, Tegeltija stated that his and the position of the representatives of the Republika Srpska is that the budget should be absolutely adjusted to the new situation caused by the coronavirus.

"That means that we should give up everything that is not necessary and try to direct those funds to those who need them the most in the whole of BiH", Tegeltija emphasized.

The Chairman of the Council of Ministers assessed that, at this moment, there should be no construction of new facilities, purchase of cars, furniture, and all other unnecessary expenses that can wait for another time.

Answering the question whether there is a ruling majority in BiH, Tegeltija has stressed that the majority that is agreed upon in the election of the Council of Ministers and the leadership of the Parliament is formed on certain issues, and then some other majority is being formed against the positions of Republika Srpska.

"To make that happen, all political parties from Sarajevo must vote 'yes' and must have the absolute support of the SDS and PDP. The biggest surprise for me in the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly is that SDS and PDP are always on the side of Sarajevo's policies when voting against the position of the Republika Srpska", Tegeltija pointed out.

When it comes to the local elections in BiH, which should be held this year, the Chairman of the Council of Ministers pointed out that the elections should be held, but that everything that is happening regarding the Central Election Commission /CEC/ today calls into question the legitimacy of the key institution to verify the validity of the election.

"On the one hand, it is very clear that the procedures for electing new members of the CEC were violated, while on the other hand, the people who were elected, ie their previous work is in direct conflict with their position in the CEC itself", Tegeltija pointed out.

He has noted that it was unclear to him why some political parties, which voted to elect new CEC members, were willing to violate those procedures.

"The motive for this is, first of all, not to hold local elections or to hold as late as possible, because those who appointed their people in the CEC are aware of the failure they will have in the local elections. Another motive is to try to help those who think they can improve their election result in the 2022 elections", stated Tegeltija.

In an interview for SRNA, he expressed the expectation that the Court of BiH will return the election of CEC members to the beginning, and that they will be elected in a regular procedure as defined by law. /end/bo