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BANJALUKA, DECEMBER 2 /SRNA/ - Claims that allegedly only one people suffered in BiH, which some are persistently trying to impose through force and pressure, cannot contribute to reconciliation which will remain a dead letter regardless of documents International Community representatives may adopt, director of the Republika Srpska Center for Research of War, War Crimes and Search for Missing Persons Milorad Kojić told Srna.


Commenting on a part of a communique issued by the Steering Board of the Peace Implementation Council /PIC/ which suggests that steps towards reconciliation in BiH should be taken, including joint commemorations, Kojić asked as to how Serbs can accept threats by High Representative to BiH Valentin Inzko to impose a law banning the denial of genocide in Srebrenica.

“Does it mean that we have to jointly mark this as an event from the past war? Is this a road Europe wants to chart and impose a burden on Serbs?” asked Kojić.

Kojić has pointed out that European representatives are trying to impose some events on Serbs , and that on the other hand, Bosniaks are pardoned for all crimes they committed against Serbs, and added that the Serbian people will not accept this as a future should be built on mutual respect, and not on force and pressures.

He has pointed out that the fact that Serbs suffered the most in wars in the 20th century must be accepted.

“A road to reconciliation and coexistence means to accept the fact that crimes were committed by all sides, that this was a civil war, which was characterized as a tragic conflict in the Dayton Peace Accords,” Kojić said.

He has said that 35,042 Serbs were killed in the past war, and that individuals obviously “want to neglect this fact.” /end/sg