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BANJALUKA, DECEMBER 2 /SRNA/ - President of the Republika Srpska Veterans' Organization Milomir Savčić has said that joint commemorations are not even in sight in BiH, not because Serbs do not want it, but because they cannot accept false accusations that they are aggressors in their own country and that they are criminals.


“How can we organize joint commemorations when we are not allowed to come to the Dobrovoljačka Street in Sarajevo to pay our respects to our fallen fellow citizens? How can we organize joint commemorations when they do not allow us to come to Brčanska Malta in Tuzla? How can we organize joint commemorations when they call it genocide wherever a Bosniak was killed?” asked Savčić, reacting to a part of a communique issued by the Steering Board of the Peace Implementation Council which suggests that steps towards reconciliation should be taken in BiH, including organization of joint commemorations.

Savčić told Srna that it is not possible to organize joint commemorations in BiH until a full and indisputable truth about events from the past war is determined.

He has said that those responsible must bear consequences for that which they did and then we could head towards reconciliation.

“It is well known that a huge majority of the Serbian people neither accepted nor defended crimes and criminals, but we cannot accept that which is not true,” Savčić said.

He has said Serbs did not start any ethnic conflict with fatal consequences in BiH. /end/sg