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BANJALUKA, JANUARY 18 /SRNA/ - All the bling in the world cannot help the PDP transform into a patriotic party, just like the High Representative will never overturn a law or work for the benefit of Republika Srpska, SNSD MP in the Republika Srpska National Assembly, Srđan Mazalica, told SRNA.


"Is the voting against the appointment of any High Representative the fake Serbianisation that Jelena Trivić is talking about, where she ran away from? Were China and Russia falsely demonstrating Serbianisation by failing to confirm that appointment before the UN Security Council? Or Trivić's 'political attack' on Bakir Izetbegović, in a way that equates him and Milorad Dodik is false Serbianisation, although Bakir is the one who attacks our land and forests via the Constitutional Court on Republika Srpska Day, who lobbies for Inzko to pass a law, blocks our projects, tells that Serbs are bad people and threatens with the war. If Trivić would like to be so 'uncompromising and nationally aware', then I beg her not to do that, as her relativizations are a wolf in sheep's clothing," Mazalica said.

He asked whether those who participated in the competencies transfer, making decisions harmful for Republika Srpska and those whose Republika Srpska's capacity to participate equally in decision-making at the BiH level was reducing were uncompromising and nationally aware?

"Are those who have avoided voting and participating in proceeding on key issues on which Republika Srpska has politically positioned itself within BiH uncompromising and nationally aware, from the coordination mechanism, the implementation of the Sejdić-Finci ruling, the challenge to appointing a new High Representative, refusing to return the charters awarded to the people responsible for the creation of Republika Srpska, denying support to the veto to the Serb Presidency member and other undermining of the strength of the Serb voice in Sarajevo, to a negative attitude about reinstating competencies to Republika Srpska," Mazalica asked.

Are, Mazalica continues, those who participated in the takeover and usurpation of BiH institutions by the SDA and its satellites, uncompromising and nationally aware?

"Because of the aforementioned, we have reason to believe that some SDS and PDP politicians who have a key role in creating their policies, are an extended hand of the SDA and foreign embassies working together with them on destroying the sovereignty and power of Republika Srpska. I am not interested in what Trivić says about Bakir, since she receives praise and applause from Bakir for each of her vote, because that very Bakir is also awaiting for the recognition of a tourist, Christian Schmidt as the High Representative which Trivić stands for, regardless of the fact that she trembles before, as she says, 'the powerful countries of the world' that stand behind Schmidt", Mazalica said when asked to comment on Trivić's statement that, in her opinion, Schmidt should be met and held talks with.

Mazalica says that Trivić does not understand that we were defeated when we accepted the occupation.

"There is no legal basis for the appointment of Schmidt as High Representative, while his occupying behavior and threats cannot be a unit of measurement for his legal and legitimate status. None of our individuals is free, if Republika Srpska is not free, not even Trivić. Unfortunately, she takes over the rhetoric of Western embassies and the High Representative nowadays, and there is no a single sentence in which she fails to mention crime and corruption, which is why she opposes the reinstatement of competences in the justice sector," Mazalica explained.

He states that no one says that there is no crime and corruption, but those who believe that internationals are overturning someone because of it are naive.

"The very same internationals kept Milo's mafia octopus in power for years. There is corruption, but accepting courts controlled by the occupier means accepting the occupation. The occupier will punish for corruption nowadays or for political attitude in the future. The occupier may punish Trivić for the same thing. Schmidt will pass ten other harmful laws, if Trivić sits with him and gives him legitimacy, just as Schmidt will not overturn his law as she believes; even if he does so, he will pass another, worse one. Then it will be too late," Mazalica said. /end/vos