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PRIJEDOR, May 9 /SRNA/ - A memorial service was held on Thursday at the Church of Holy Prince Lazar in Omarska and wreaths were laid at a monument to fallen soldiers of the patriotic-defense war and at the Partisan Cemetery in Omarska, as part of marking May 9 – Day of Victory over Fascism.


The Head of the Department for Veterans and Disability Protection of the City of Prijedor, Mišo Rodić, has said that the City of Prijedor, together with SUBNOR, took part in organizing the celebration of May 9 in Prijedor, Ljubija and Omarska, like it does every year.

“This is the right thing to do here on the slopes of the Mount Kozara having in mind that Kozara gave maybe the most of all in the former Yugoslavia to the fight against Fascism – people were recruited to the People's Liberation Army, civilians were killed massively, particularly in the Jasenovac concentration camp and in many other places on Kozara,” Rodić told reporters.

The president of the Prijedor SUBNOR, Veljko Rodić, has said that this year marks the 74th anniversary of victory over Fascism, and that of the 21,000 soldiers who fought in five brigades, 9,932 partisans, whose names are inscribed on a memorial wall on Kozara, did not live to see freedom, and that 35,000 civilians were killed on Kozara.

“It was not recorded anywhere in the world that Fascists expressed their rage by killing so many children. There were special concentration camps for children.
More than 22,000 children experienced these sufferings; 13,000 children from the area of Kozara died in Jastrebarsko, Sisak, Jasenovac or some other concentration camp, and 1,100 mothers with children were thrown into wells in the village of Slaboština near Slavonska Požega,” said Rodić.

The marking of May 9 started on Wednesday in Prijedor with a history lesson at the Partisan Cemetery in the community of Urije. /end/sg