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BANJALUKA, May 9 /SRNA/ - The trial judgement rendered by the BiH Court to Elfeta Veseli sentencing her to ten years’ imprisonment for a brutal murder of 12-year-old Slobodan Stojanović in 1992 near Zvornik is a disgrace against which the BiH Prosecutor’s Office should lodge an appeal and the Appellate Panel issue a maximum sentence given the gravity and brutality of the crime, says Demos secretary general Boran Bosančić.


"The fact is that the BiH Court applied the 1976 Criminal Code of the former Yugoslavia in the case, allowing a possibility to pronounce Veseli a sentence lower than the deserved one and bringing her into a more favourable position in relation to other convicts prosecuted for much less brutal crimes. Had the BiH Court applied the BiH Criminal Code from 2003, the sentence for this crime would have been between 20 and 45 years, meaning that Veseli would have been sentenced to 20 years minimum,” said Bosančić.

He asserted that the Court’s action in this case was based on double standards, because the BiH Criminal Code from 2003 has been applied in the majority of cases against Serbs before the judicial institution so far, reports Demos.

The BiH Court on Wednesday rendered the trial judgement sentencing Elfeta Veseli to ten years’ imprisonment for the brutal murder of 12-year old boy Slobodan Stojanović in 1992 outside Zvornik, yet acquitted her superior Sakib Halilović, as commander of the Sabotage Platoon of the Joint Units Command Liplje, Kamenica, of the so-called Army of BiH. /end/dš