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SRNA News Roundup /II/ - June 12, 2019




BANJALUKA, June 12 /SRNA/ - Serbian Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin stated Wednesday no army can separate Republika Srpska from Serbia and that he supports a decision by the BiH Presidency Chairman Milorad Dodik to reject a military deployment at the borders with Serbia and Montenegro over the migration crisis.

BANJALUKA, June 12 /SRNA/ - Minister of Health and Social Welfare Alen Šeranić told Srna that Republika Srpska institutionally has what many countries in the region do not - a ministry that incorporates the policies of health and social welfare, which ensures a higher quality of health care, and that it also offers equal access to health services.

BANJALUKA, June 12 /SRNA/ - The Government of Republika Srpska has invested more than BAM1.1 million in the municipality of Srebrenica over the past eight years through the Ministry of Refugees and DPs, that is, the current Secretariat for DPs and Migration of Republika Srpska.

BIJELJINA, June 12 /SRNA/ - The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of Republika Srpska will have 25 cereal crop experiments set up this year; the plan was to increase the number but bad weather prevented it, says Assistant Minister of Agriculture Miroslav Bojić.

BIJELJINA, June 12 /SRNA/ - Mayor of Bijeljina Mićo Mićić and Vietnamese businessman Mai Vu Minh discussed possibilities of cooperation and investing in the city.

BANJALUKA, June 12 /SRNA/ - Director of Republika Srpska Police Darko Ćulum says a radar control system installed in two unmarked police vehicles, which was launched on Wednesday, will be in operation across Republika Srpska as of Thursday to prevent speeding offences and punish disobedient drivers.

BANJALUKA, June 12 /SRNA/ - Director of Republika Srpska Police Darko Ćulum says that an intense investigation about the murder of the Banjaluka businessman Slaviša Krunić is underway in cooperation with the prosecutor’s office.


MOSTAR, June 12 /SRNA/ - Head of the EU Delegation to BiH Lars-Gunnar Wigemark stated Wednesday in Mostar that making requirements has to stop and authorities at the BiH level must be formed as soon as possible.

SARAJEVO, June 12 /SRNA/ - BiH caretaker Minister of Foreign Affairs Igor Crnadak, in his address at a ministerial meeting of the Central European Initiative Wednesday in Trieste, welcomed the adoption of the Trieste Declaration providing full support to EU enlargement in the Western Balkans, and an encouragement given to BiH for obtaining candidate status.

SARAJEVO, June 12 /SRNA/ - The Government of Sweden has allocated EUR4.5 million for a project envisaging the destruction of minimum 50 tonnes of solid organic waste made up of polluting substances, which take a long time to degrade and affect people’s health and the environment, the UNDP reported on Wednesday.


BELGRADE/PANČEVO, June 12 /SRNA/ - The German company Cer-EF launched a car parts factory in Pančevo, its biggest production investment worth a total of EUR160 million that will employ more than 1000 people. Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said it was a great day not just for Pančevo, Banat, and Vojvodina, but for the whole Serbia too, which will be the first country in the region to produce components for electric carts, which are the future, he said.

BELGRADE/GENEVA, June 12 /SRNA/ - Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić in her address at the International Labour Conference in Geneva pointed out that the fourth industrial revolution is a chance for Serbia to catch up with the developed world, but that it has to invest in education and creativity as the two key areas.

BELGRADE, June 12 /SRNA/ - Serbia is permanently committed to regional cooperation and improvement of cooperation between various initiatives in this part of Europe, Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić stated in Trieste at a meeting of line ministries of the Central European Initiative.


BRISEL, June 12 /SRNA/ - President of the European Council Donald Tusk said North Macedonia and Albania should be allowed to launch EU membership negotiations but added that not all member states agree with the idea.

ZAGREB, June 12 /SRNA/ - SDSS leader Milorad Pupovac told the Croatian Parliament on Wednesday he lives in a country full of hatred and violence motivated by ethnic hatred and ethnic violence. /end/dš