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BANJALUKA, June 14 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska Minister of Education and Culture Natalija Trivić and Ambassador of China to BiH Ji Ping signed Friday in Banjaluka an agreement on providing Chinese language teachers for five schools in which this language would be optional.


Trivić said the line ministry was creating conditions in the previous period for studying the Chinese language in elementary and secondary schools in Srpska, and that large number of students showed interest in learning this language.

"Studying of Chinese language will be organised in five primary and secondary schools in Republika Srpska, through out-of-curriculum and / or out-of-school activities, while the programme is funded by China via equipping classrooms and providing teaching staff," Trivić told the press.

She added that these activities have already begun through the pilot project in these schools, and that the programme officially begins as of the next school year under the Agreement.

"This is about specialized programmes that are adapted to both the age and the method of studying Chinese language in a simpler and easier way," said Trivić.

This is a continuation of cooperation with China and one of the ways to spread cultural ties through the study of the Chinese language.

Ji said that the Agreement was launching a new opportunity to connect and establish cooperation between China and Republika Srpska, which was particularly strengthened in the previous period.

"That is why we need more students who speak Chinese, thus the purpose of this agreement is to contribute to achieving this goal by introducing the Chinese language into schools in Srpska," said Ji.

He added that studying the Chinese language is a ticket for the future for young people, both for employment and for contributing to the strengthening of cultural exchange.

"There is a Confucius Institute in Republika Srpska at the Banjaluka University, as well as a Chinese Language Department at the University of East Sarajevo, and there are Chinese language classes ongoing in four schools," said Ji. /end/vos