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BIJELJINA, MARCH 25 /SRNA/ - A baby boy, weighing 3.4 kilograms, was the first baby born in the quarantine at the Bijeljina operating theatre, announced the "Sveti Vračevi" Hospital in Bijeljina.


"The boy was born during the night of March 24, a mother is 32-year-old Zvornik resident who was swabbed two days ago on suspicion of being infected with coronavirus, the result of which will be available during the day," the hospital announced.

The woman reported to the doctors at Bijeljina Hospital and all emergency medical procedures were immediately undertaken.

The mother was immediately quarantined and then transferred to the operating theatre, which was adapted and equipped for patients believed to be infected with coronavirus.

A team of doctors at Bijeljina Hospital, led by anesthesiologist Sanja Dabić and gynecologist Milivoje Pelemiš, performed the cesarean section, which was successfully completed.

According to the hospital, the mother feels good, as does the baby who is isolated from his mother until results are obtained and was also swabbed.

The hospital notes that the hospital's medical workers’ willingness to respond to emergency situations is once again confirmed.

"They put their health and commitment to the work they do honestly and responsibly into giving birth to a new life and protecting the health of all citizens. The mother and baby are well and we wished fast recovery. We will inform the public of the test results," reads the statement. /end/vos