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SRNA News Roundup /I/ - May 22, 2020




BANJALUKA, MAY 22 /SRNA/ - The special session of the Republika Srpska National Assembly resumed today with a parliamentary debate on confirming the acts passed by the Srpska president during the state of emergency and making a decision on terminating decree-laws.

BANJALUKA, MAY 22 /SRNA/ - The marking of the 28th anniversary of the death oF babies due to lack of oxygen at the Clinical Centre Banjaluka has begun with the laying of 12 roses at the memorial to 12 babies at the New Cemetery Banjaluka and a memorial service.

BANJALUKA, MAY 22 /SRNA/ - The first baby died in Banjaluka Hospital today in 1992 due to lack of oxygen because the USA and other western countries did not allow the delivery of humanitarian aid by air to the western part Republika Srpska during the civil war in BiH.

BANJALUKA, MAY 22 /SRNA/ - 19 out of 617 tested in Republika Srpska tested positive for coronavirus, while 715 of them recovered, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Srpska announced.

BANJA LUKA, MAY 22 /SRNA/ - As of today, Republika Srpska is lifting the restriction of movement, i.e. curfew.

BANJALUKA, MAY 22 /SRNA/ - The Ministry of Education and Culture of Republika Srpska, in cooperation with M: tel, UNESCO and UNICEF, has provided free internet for 5,300 students until June 20, i.e. until the end of current school year.

BANJALUKA, MAY 22 /SRNA/ - In a bit more than ten days, 140 micro-enterprises and entrepreneurs responded to the public call by the Prointer ITSS Company for support to micro-business, which lasts until May 25, the Company announced, recalling that a huge percentage of the workforce in Republika Srpska is engaged in small businesses that are most affected by the crisis caused by the coronavirus outbreak, thus now need help.

NOVI GRAD, MAY 22 /SRNA/ - The Novi Grad Municipality forwarded to the Ministry of Economy and Entrepreneurship of Republika Srpska the data for 252 business entities that were banned from working due to protection measures against the spread of coronavirus, Head of the municipal Department of Economy and Social Affairs, Damir Šević, told SRNA.

TREBINJE, MAY 22 /SRNA/ - Head of the Trebinje Tourism Organisation, Marko Radić, tells SRNA that this organisation is optimistic that Trebinje, despite the problems caused by the coronavirus, will be a tourist-visited place in the coming months.

VIŠEGRAD, MAY 22 /SRNA/ - Today, agricultural producers in Višegrad received 30 additional packages of planting material for spring sowing, each valued BAM 252, provided by the municipality for socially vulnerable families, social assistance beneficiaries, multi-members and low-income families.


SARAJEVO, MAY 21 /SRNA/ - Chairwoman of the SNSD Caucus in the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly, Snježana Novaković Bursać, told SRNA that she expects competent and credible agents of the Council of Ministers to be appointed before the European Court of Human Rights as soon as possible.

SARAJEVO, MAY 22 /SRNA/ - Russian Ambassador to BiH Petr Ivantsov emphasizes that Russia is consistently advocating the withdrawal of foreign protectorate’s mechanism in BiH and the abolition of the High Representative position, as well as the transfer of all competencies to local authorities.

SARAJEVO, MAY 22 /SRNA/ - Authorities in BiH should introduce a series of measures to mitigate the consequences of the coronavirus outbreak, including the abolition of parafiscal charges at all levels and the reduction of electricity price, believes Branimir Muidža, the head of the Foreign Investors Council BiH. Interviewed by: Aleksandra GRUJIĆ

SARAJEVO, MAY 22 /SRNA/ - The Prosecutor's Office of BiH has formed a case and is investigating the issuing BiH tourist visas, through which the individuals from the BiH Embassy in Amman enabled Iraqi citizens to came to BiH as alleged tourists, reports today's Sarajevo "Dnevni Avaz".


BELGRADE, MAY 22 /SRNA/ - As of today, Serbia no longer requests PCR test or commission’s permit, as well as 14-day self-isolation, for entry into the country for both local and foreign citizens,.


PODGORICA, MAY 22 /SRNA/ - His Eminence Bishop Irinej of Eastern America and US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Matthew Palmer, agreed that, although the United States would not interfere in Montenegro's internal affairs, it is necessary to do everything to ensure that fundamental human rights and religious freedoms in that country are respected and fully implemented, with due regard for public health provisions.


NEW YORK, MAY 22 /SRNA/ - UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres once again asked all war parties to espond to his call for a global ceasefire and to pay attention to curbing Covid-19. /end/vos