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BANJALUKA, MAY 22 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska President Željka Cvijanović says it was agreed at today's meeting with representatives of tourism organisations and hotel management from Srpska, to start using vouchers as of June 15 in order to help the tourism sector overcome the crisis caused by the coronavirus outbreak, with the subsidies enabling citizens to spend part of their vacation in local destinations under favourable conditions.


Cvijanović points out that it was agreed to issue 20,000 vouchers in the first phase, after that two times per 15,000, and depending on how attractive it will be, additional vouchers will be issued.

"One voucher can be used for three overnight stays, and two for four or more overnight stays per accommodation unit. The intent is to start using the vouchers as of June 15," Cvijanović told the press after a meeting at the Republika Srpska Palace, which Prime Minister Radovan Višković also attended.

Minister of Trade and Tourism of Republika Srpska, Suzana Gašić, points out that all entities in the catering and tourism sector are included in this project.

"There have been no large-scale layoffs in this sector, and this is one of the ways to provide support to employers for retaining employees and new employment," Gašić pointed out.

Manager of the Health and Tourist Centre "Banja Vrućica" Teslić, Dragan Bogdanić, says this project will give everyone in the tourism sector the opportunity to get guests in difficult times when tourism and catering, out of all economic branches, are hardest hit by the coronavirus outbreak.

Manager of the Kozara National Park, Dragan Romčević, thanked the president of Srpska and the Government for creating this project, stating that it will help tourism overcome the current crisis more easily, but also will get citizens used to spending part of their vacation in tourist destinations in Srpska. /end/vos