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MRAKOVICA, JULY 4 /SRNA/ - The Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik said today in Mrakovica that the alteration of history should not be allowed by attempts of descendants of those who killed the people on Kozara and who say that something else happened.


"It is true that 3,500 partisans defended the refugee camp of 65,000 persons, civilians, women, children and the elderly, who were attacked by 45,000 various formations of Ustasha and German, and 9,500 soldiers and 45,000 civilians were killed", Dodik told reporters in Kozara where the anniversary of the Battle of Kozara is marking.

He reminded that the captured refugee camp from Kozara was lowered to Jasenovac, which took 500,000 lives of Serbs and 30,000 children.

"Many children were given to Catholic families where their names were changed. It is a prolonged crime against our religion and our people. The fact is that the Ustashas and the Germans decimated Serbs here, killed our people and destroyed their homes", Dodik pointed out.

He emphasized that the story of Kozara lives among the people, which is undoubtedly a symbol of the fight for freedom against the fascists and a symbol of the fight for national liberation, because Serbs lived and survived here.

"What hurts is that the communist autority did not return to Kozara what it was supposed to return. It developed some Ustasha places such as Bugojno, and neglected Potkozarje and Kozara who gave so much. And our job is to work on infrastructure and other projects, such as the road to Podgradci from last year, to return Kozara and her libertarian spirit and suffering part of it and to make the memory live", said Dodik.

He expressed satisfaction that this important date in Serb history is being marked together by the governments of Srpska and Serbia. /end/bo