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MRAKOVICA, JULY 4 /SRNA/ - The President of the Republika Srpska Željka Cvijanović stated today in Mrakovica that Srpska, as a society, functions on the achievements of everything that Kozara gave, but also many other places throughout the Republika Srpska.


Cvijanović stated that the commemoration on Kozara today takes place in somewhat different circumstances than in previous years, but that in spite of everything, they gathered today in this place to show respect for the libertarian people of Kozara.

She pointed out that, in this way, respect is shown for the efforts and everything that was made during the National Liberation War, but also for the soldiers and the population.

"The population has borne a heavy burden and has shown in fact how freedom is achieved and defended. Republika Srpska inherits the values of everything that Kozara and many other our places carry, who have shown their good face and have always been on the right side of the history. Therefore, our gratitude, as an institution, must be eternal", Cvijanović said at Kozara.

She added that the attitude of the institutions towards these events must be the same, appreciating what was given for freedom, but appreciating that Srpska as a society functions today on the achievements of everything that Kozara and many other places throughout the Republika Srpska gave.

"The suffering that is related to this area certainly causes deep respect, but also some other things, and that means a warning that we must build our future, respect our past and base our future on it", said Cvijanović.

According to her, the institutions of the Republika Srpska should always be strengthened on all these achievements and values, because they are a guarantee of a strong Srpska.

"Our obligation is to build and further strengthen the Republika Srpska, and that we must be additionally aware of that every time in all these places", said Cvijanović. /end/bo