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SRNA News Roundup /II/ - October 19, 2020




TREBINJE, OCTOBER 19 /SRNA/ - Minister of Energy and Mining of Republika Srpska Petar Đokić and director of the "Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske" public company Luka Petrović signed today a concession agreement on the construction and the use of the “Trebinje 1” solar power plant of 72.92 megawatts which framework estimated value is BAM 100,750,000.

FOČA, OCTOBER 19 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska Finance Minister Zora Vidović said today in Foča that the Republika Srpska Government will assume an obligation to equip a new bloc of the Medical Faculty, which is under construction, stressing that increased numbers of students are enrolled at this institution of higher learning, and for the first time this year, there are foreign students who will learn medicine in English.

BANJALUKA, OCTOBER 19 /SRNA/ - In the past 24 hours, 255 persons in Republika Srpska tested positive for the coronavirus of the 799 who were tested, and two elderly men from Bijeljina died from the infection, reports the Institute of Public Health.

BANJALUKA, OCTOBER 19 /SRNA/ - Four criminal offenses of failure to act in keeping with health regulations during an epidemic were recorded last weekend in hospitality establishments in Republika Srpska, says the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republika Srpska.

BANJALUKA, OCTOBER 19 /SRNA/ - The infirmary in the Banjaluka settlement of Dolac for treatment of citizens who tested positive for the coronavirus has been equipped and will start operations tomorrow morning, Banjaluka Mayor Igor Radojičić said.

ROGATICA, OCTOBER 19 /SRNA/ - The Rogatica Municipal Assembly adopted today an adjusted budget for this year totaling BAM 8,950,000, which is 11.87 percent more than the planned budget.

NOVI GRAD, OCTOBER 19 /SRNA/ - The Agricultural Cooperative “Agrojapra” of Donji Agići outside Novi Grad will purchase around 37 tons of grains and oilseeds that will be processed in cooperative’s facilities and will be sold under the cooperative’s brand name “Izvor.”

KOZARSKA DUBICA, OCTOBER 19 /SRNA/ - Agreements were signed today in the Kozarska Dubica Municipal Administration with ten interns as part of the Republika Srpska Employment Bureau’s program in support of interns’ employment.

TREBINJE, OCTOBER 19 /SRNA/ - Members of the Trebinje Police Administration discovered a decaying body in the area of the village of Kotezi, said the Trebinje Police Administration.

MRKONJIĆ GRAD, OCTOBER 19 /SRNA/ - Of the 158 drivers who were tested for the presence of alcohol, 17 were fined, this is a result of a police operation conducted last weekend by Mrkonjić Grad police.


SARAJEVO, OCTOBER 19 /SRNA/ - The Constitutional and Legal Commission of the House of Peoples of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly supported a proposed bill amending the law on wages and benefits in BiH institutions.

SARAJEVO, OCTOBER 19 /SRNA/ - So far, 997 persons in BiH died of the coronavirus infection, 34,661 have been infected and 25,442 have recovered from infection, reports the Ministry of Civil Affairs in the Council of Ministers.

SARAJEVO, OCTOBER 19 /SRNA/ - In the foundry in Banjaluka, 1,864 pieces of small and light arms were destroyed together with accompanying parts and components, by which BiH confirmed its commitment to contribute to international arms control frameworks, the security of its citizens, and regional and international security and stability, said the UNDP.


SARAJEVO, OCTOBER 19 /SRNA/ - In the past 24 hours, 285 persons in the FBiH tested positive for the coronavirus of the 956 who were tested and 11 persons died from the infection, reports the Institute of Public Health of the Federation of BiH /FBiH/.


BANJALUKA, OCTOBER 19 /SRNA/ - Milan Grbić, the Demos candidate for mayor of Drinić, said today he is convinced of his victory and a convincing victory of a coalition which Demos is part of in the upcoming elections in that municipality.

SOKOLAC, OCTOBER 19 /SRNA/ - President of the United Srpska Nenad Stevandić expressed the conviction that the party will get huge support from the people in the upcoming local elections.

BANJALUKA, OCTOBER 19 /SRNA/ - DNS president Nenad Nešić has said that since its founding, the party has been loyal exclusively to the interests of people in Srpska.

BANJAUKA, OCTOBER 19 /SRNA/ - The candidate of the “Gathered for Banjaluka” Coalition for Banjaluka mayor, Igor Radojičić, has said that he enjoys the support from a coalition partner, the DNS, and that he believes they will jointly form a city government after the elections.

PALE, OCTOBER 19 /SRNA/ - President of the SNSD Pale Municipal Board Boško Jugović has said that the party remains firmly committed to cooperation with sincere and loyal coalition partners, with a view of jointly continuing the implementation of large capital projects, with the support from the Republika Srpska Government and Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik.


BELGRADE, OCTOBER 19 /SRNA/ - Persons who contracted the coronavirus and who will be admitted to a provisional covid hospital at the Belgrade Arena will be treated by military and civilian doctors from several health institutions in Belgrade, said the main medical coordinator of the covid hospital, Lt.-Col. Predrag Bogdanović.


PARIS, OCTOBER 19 /SRNA/ - Head of the European Central Bank Christine Lagarde said today the economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic risks “losing momentum” due to the second wave of the pandemic. /end/sg