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EAST SARAJEVO, OCTOBER 20 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska Finance Minister Zora Vidović said today that Srpska will enter into a new arrangement with the International Monetary Fund /IMF/ if conditions are acceptable.


“We haven’t received any conditions for the arrangement. Negotiations on the arrangement will begin after the elections, an IMF representative told us so,” Vidović told reporters in East Sarajevo.

Vidović has said that Republika Srpska will not accept a new arrangement if conditions are exaggerated.

“I hope the IMF will understand the state of the economy in the whole world and small Republika Srpska and that the conditions will not be harsh, as there are indications they could be,” Vidović said and recalled that since the May arrangement with the IMF, Srpska has received BAM 220 million.

She has confirmed that the Republika Srpska Budget is solvent, that all budget obligations are regularly met, and that the government will do everything in its power to remain so in the future.

“We are allocating huge amounts of money to the Compensation Fund. So far, we have distributed more than BAM 220 million to businesses and the health care,” Vidović said.

She recalled that in the period from April to June, which was the most difficult one, many businesses were closed and that GDP fell in all countries.

“But, if we look at the Balkans, Serbia had the lowest decline in GDP, 6.2 percent, followed by Republika Srpska with a 6.9 percent decline in GDP, BiH with 9.3 percent, the FBiH with 9.6 percent, Croatia 19 percent, Macedonia 20 percent, Montenegro 22 percent,” Vidović said.

She thanked businessmen in Srpska who made an effort to maintain their business activities while not laying off workers and expressed the hope that the government measures were helpful.

“Today, we have the same number of workers as we had in February, which means a lot for Republika Srpska,” Vidović concluded. /end/sg