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SRNA News Roundup /III/ - November 19, 2020




BANJALUKA, NOVEMBER 19 /SRNA/ - The Republika Srpska Government today adopted a proposal for the second revised budget for this year amounting to BAM 3.636 billion, which is BAM 23 million more than the first revised budget, Finance Minister Zora Vidović said. The Government reviewed a proposed bill amending and supplementing the Law on Income Tax by which property gained from inheritance or as a gift is exempt from income tax from capital gain. The Government also adopted an Action Plan for public administration reform in BiH for the period 2020-2022 which will realize goals and implement measures defined by the Strategic Framework for Public Administration Reform for the period 2018-2020.

BANJALUKA, NOVEMBER 19 /SRNA/ - With a view to securing an alternative non-banking source of solvency for business entities, the Ministry of Finance of Republika Srpska drafted a proposed bill on factoring which is the first special bill of its kind in Republika Srpska

BANJALUKA, NOVEMBER 19 /SRNA/ - The Crisis Staff tasked with monitoring adverse consequences of the coronavirus for the economy in Republika Srpska today reviewed information on economic movements and the most important measures taken to repair these consequences.

ZVORNIK, NOVEMBER 19 /SRNA/ - Zvornik Mayor Zoran Stevanović made official today the beginning of works on the project of completion of a sewerage network in the Zvornik settlement of Branjevo, which is being financed by the Czech Development Agency with EUR 1.1 million and the City of Zvornik with BAM 962,000.


SARAJEVO, NOVEMBER 19 /SRNA/ - Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik will take over tomorrow as chairman of the BiH Presidency.

SARAJEVO, NOVEMBER 19 /SRNA/ - The danger of mines has been confirmed in 118 municipalities, and there are a total of 478 mine-suspicious areas, show data from 143 municipalities.


SARAJEVO, NOVEMBER 19 /SRNA/ - Prime Minister of the Federation of BiH /FBiH/ Fadil Novalić said today that the consequences of the coronavirus are huge, not only in the economy, but in other fields as well, and that 12,700 jobs have been lost in the FBiH.

SARAJEVO, NOVEMBER 19 /SRNA/ - Hisham Aglaras, a migrant from Morocco, who is suspected of murdering Jasmin Berović /36/ in the Sarajevo settlement of Otes, has been arrested, Spokesperson for the Prosecutor’s Office of Sarajevo Canton Azra Bavčić said.


SARAJEVO, NOVEMBER 19 /SRNA/ - The Central Election Commission /CEC/ of BiH today voided elections for mayor and the local assembly held on Sunday, November 15, at the polling station in Suhača /007B040/ in the Novi Grad constituency and set a repeat vote for Sunday, November 29.


BELGRADE, NOVEMBER 19 /SRNA/ - The health of His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irinej is complex but stable, said the Serbian Orthodox Church today. Commenting on fake news that His Holiness passed away, the Serbian Orthodox Church has said that spreading such fake news and deceiving and disturbing the public is irresponsible and immoral.

BELGRADE, NOVEMBER 19 /SRNA/ - In the past 24 hours, 29 persons in Serbia died of the coronavirus and 6,109 persons tested positive for the virus, said the Serbian Ministry of Health today.


SKOPLJE, NOVEMBER 19 /SRNA/ - A state of crisis has been declared in North Macedonia for a period of one month. /end/sg