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BANJALUKA, DECEMBER 1 /SRNA/ - In the past 24 hours, another 335 persons in Republika Srpska tested positive for the coronavirus of the 894 who were tested and 20 persons died, said the Institute of Public Health of Republika Srpska.


Seventeen men and three women died, who were middle-aged and elderly persons. Six of them are from Banjaluka, three from Doboj, two each from Srbac and Laktaši, one each from Derventa, Mrkonjić Grad, Prnjavor, Modriča, Gradiška, Trebinje and Višegrad.

One hundred and fifty men and 185 women tested positive for the coronavirus, 48 of whom are of younger age, 210 are middle-aged and 77 are elderly people.

So far, 30,287 coronavirus infections have been confirmed in Republika Srpska, and 1,068 persons died of the infection.

So far, 15,017 persons have recovered from the infection, and a total of 133,383 persons have been tested for the virus.

At the moment, 1,190 persons are hospitalized in Republika Srpska, of which number 460 are at the Republika Srpska University Clinical Center and 730 in general hospitals.

12,835 persons in Republika Srpska are under health monitoring at the moment and health monitoring ended for 94,985 persons. /end/sg