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BANJALUKA, DECEMBER 1 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska President Željka Cvijanović expressed the hope that this year's humanitarian drive “To Brave Hearts with Love” will be successful, and particularly pointed out the importance of raising awareness of the needs of prematurely born babies in Republika Srpska.


After a meeting with representatives of the Association of Parents of Prematurely Born Babies “Mrvica,” at whose initiative funds will be raised to establish the first human milk bank in Srpska, Cvijanović has said that this is a great undertaking and the first such bank in BiH.

“I am grateful to the “Mrvica” Association which this year presented a huge, good idea, but also to our people at the University Clinical Center who accepted the idea of establishing the first human milk bank in Republika Srpska,” she said.

Cvijanović has said that it will be the first human milk bank in BiH and that such banks exist in the developed world and have existed in our region in the past few years.

“Guided by these good practices, we opted for such a great undertaking. Given the complex epidemiological situation, there won't be our traditional gatherings, but we will have this program,” Cvijanović said.

The Republika Srpska president has said that children across Republika Srpska will be her partners in this traditional humanitarian drive that is being organized this year for the 11th time.

“This is an opportunity to thank them as partners of the Republika Srpska president and all our associations that are involved in these activities,” said Cvijanović.

Cvijanović expressed particular gratitude to the “Mrvica” Association which managed to raise awareness of the needs of prematurely born babies.

“We are always happy to be able to organize together some good activities. We considered whether to organize anything under these circumstances, but we want to organize good things,” said Cvijanović.

According to her, the Association and Republika Srpska institutions have already developed good relations.

“We are happy every time the aid is in support of our children, and I believe that this year's drive will be successful as was the case in previous years,” said the Republika Srpska president.

The humanitarian drive “To Brave Hearts with Love” is traditionally organized under the auspices of the Republika Srpska president.

Funds raised in this year's humanitarian drive will be used for establishing the first human milk bank in Republika Srpska.

The first human milk bank in Srpska will be established at the Children's Diseases Clinic of the Republika Srpska University Clinical Center, and the intention is to provide the donated breast milk to prematurely born babies and severely ill babies to whom breast milk is not available.

A humanitarian M:tel number 1411 will be activated as part of the humanitarian drive that will last from December 1 until December 31. By calling this number, citizens will support the campaign with one convertible mark and thus give their contribution to the campaign.

The Republika Srpska Finance Ministry opened a special bank account “To Brave Hearts with Love” No. 571-010-0000270 by way of which individuals and companies can make donations. /end/sg