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BELGRADE, DECEMBER 1 /SRNA/ - Serbian film director Predrag Gaga Antonijević confirms to SRNA that his film about the suffering of Serb children in the Ustasha camp Jasenovac "Dara from Jasenovac" is, in addition to "Oscar Award", in race for "Golden Globe" film award in all categories, assessing that "the cries of Jasenovac victims should be heard as far as possible."


"The candidacy for `Golden Globe` was accepted not only for the category of foreign film, but also for other categories. Actors and others will be candidates for `Golden Globe` for the first time. I don't even know if our film has ever been in race for `Golden Globe`. It's big," Antonijević said.

He points out that now it all comes down to "hearing the screams of the Jasenovac victims as far as possible".

"It's not just about the suffering of children, but also of adults. This is the first film about Jasenovac to be released world-wide. Since we have a large distribution, the story will be finally told in the countries world-wide. That story had been suppressed for 75 to 76 years, which is now projected on the movie screen, "Antonijević pointed out.

He states that now everything is going in accordance with the procedure and that the "Dara" film distributor is large, the American "101 studio", which is contracted to the distribution giant "Universal Pictures" to distribute their films world-wide.

"It is important for the spectators to see, to get informed about the entire drama, in order for story and film to be the part of teaching in the universities around the world. Being shown as the film on Holocaust to students is also a goal. It is very important for this movie not to be shown only once, but to stay alive through the educational systems around the world", Antonijević told SRNA.

He says the distribution and screening of the film in Serbia, Republika Srpska and the region depends on the coronavirus-related epidemiological situation, which he expects to happen on the anniversary of the Breakthrough of Jasenovac Inmates /April 22/.

All events in the film, according to the script by Nataša Drakulić, are based on authentic testimonies of camp survivors.

Apart from actors from Serbia, a large number of film characters are played by Banjaluka actors/actresses, while Biljana Čekić of Kozarska Dubica, whose ancestors were Jasenovac deatinees, plays girl Dara.

This is the first Serbian feature film about one of the most terrible concentration camps in history, shot 75 years after its closure, with the plot about the suffering of Serb children in the Jasenovac death camp during the Independent State of Croatia /NDH/ in World War II.

After the Ustasha-German offensive on Mount Kozara, the local population ends up in concentration camps, among whom is ten-year-old Dara with her mother and two brothers, while they know nothing about her father.

The horror he will survive from Jasenovac to the Stara Gradiška camp will make Dara grow up overnight. Dara's mother and older brother are killed, while saving the life of her younger brother becomes the meaning of her life.

Many children from the Stara Gradiška camp were taken to homes across Croatia to stay with Croatian families, while a large number of children were killed or died of consequences caused by extremely difficult living conditions in the camp.

Dara's destiny is the destiny of one child of Kozara through which Jasenovac children’s destiny is told. /end/vos