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BANJALUKA, DECEMBER 30 /SRNA/ - Kostajnica Mayor, Nikola Janjetović, told SRNA that two more quakes have been recorded in the municipality this morning, additionally damaging the buildings and leaving approximately 70 persons without conditions to stay in their homes.


"We have formed teams that are touring the area again to record additional damages, if any. We have already had additional damages reported. The facilities that were damaged to a certain extent yesterday, are additionally damaged today," said Janjetović.

He added that the damage inventory commissions were not on the ground, as they would be formed later.

"Structural engineers from Banjaluka should come to inspect certain residential buildings, the municipal building, high school, primary school, and other buildings that have been significantly damaged, to see if those buildings are still usable," Janjetović pointed out.

Janjetović added that, according to last night’s information, conditions for staying at home for approximately 70 persons were not met, while 10 out of that number had to be taken care of by the municipality.

Janjetović added that Kostajnica was also assisted by the Civil Protection, whose Intervention Assistance Team was currently in Gradiška.

"They provided tents and accommodation containers in case of new earthquakes. `Elektro Novi Grad is sending us the basket to continue removing chimneys on collapsed residential buildings. We are also expecting a fire truck ladder for buildings we cannot reach," said Janjetović.

When it comes to electricity supply, Janjetović reminded that there were problems with the power supply, as two substations were damaged, but repaired yesterday.

"The water supply system is fully functioning, but I ordered the Utility Company to visit all water springs and inspect them to see whether there is significant water loss or cracked pipes. At the suggestion of the Health Centre director, we also ordered preventive and emergency water control", said Janjetović.

He added it would be done during the day and advised the citizens to boil the water before use.

"Four teams are on the field, touring the municipality area, listing what is required and will continue doing so throughout the day," said Janjetović.

During a strong earthquake measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale that hit Croatia yesterday, which was felt in the entire region, a high school, a municipal building, a forestry, two residential buildings and a large number of houses were damaged in Kostajnica. /end/vos