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BANJALUKA, DECEMBER 31 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska Prime Minister Radovan Višković has told SRNA that the Government urgently intervened and sent BAM 100,000 to Kozarska Dubica and BAM 300,000 to Kostajnica, the municipalities most affected by the earthquake, explaining that these are interventional funds for repairing damage to residential buildings.


Višković points out that the funds are exclusively intended for rehabilitating residential buildings in the area of these two local communities, since some of them urgently need roof repairs, windows glass replacement, repair of the damaged part of the apartment that is not safe for further staying.

"Given the fact that this is the winter period, we cannot allow our citizens to spend the night outside or in an unconditional building, which is why we focused on renovating residential buildings to enable people to return to their homes as soon as possible," said the prime minister.

He explained that public facilities, such as health centres, schools, municipal buildings, will be repaired in a regular procedure.

"The semester ended yesterday, the school is out so we will have enough time to repair the school facilities so that the students can return to the school in the second semester without any problems," said Višković.

He stated that immediately after the earthquake that hit Croatia, but also some municipalities of Republika Srpska, he contacted the mayors of municipalities and cities/towns of the region in Srpska that felt the quake to a greater extent - Gradiška, Prijedor, Novi Grad, Kozarska Dubica, Kostajnica, Laktaši, Srbac and Banjaluka.

"The most important is the quakes left no human casualties and ended with material damage only, which is why we can all together be happy, as the human lives cannot be compensated, unlike material damage," Višković emphasized.

He added that Kostajnica was affected the most greatly by the earthquake as it is the closest to the epicenter of yesterday's earthquake in Petrinja.

"In the area of that local community, residential and public buildings are damaged, as well as the high school and the municipality building. Somewhat less damage was recorded in Kozarska Dubica, while other local communities suffered small, sporadic damage," said the prime minister of Srpska.

The municipality of Kostajnica is most affected by the earthquake, which hit Croatia on Tuesday, December 29, and was felt region-wide, because more than 60 percent of buildings were damaged to a greater or lesser extent, while significant material damage was caused to private and public buildings in Kozarska Dubica. /end/vos